Connecting Self-Published Authors, Libraries and Readers

If selected via Library Journal’s SELF-e curation process, the author’s ebooks will become part of a unique discovery platform for participating public libraries across the United States that enables patrons to read ebooks on any device, at any time. This free service is available to all self-published authors, no matter which self-publishing service(s) they use.

All that is required is an engaging story, and your ebook file.

Local Author Submission System

Additionally, the SELF-e platform will enable public libraries to take submissions from their local self-published authors and make those ebooks available to local patrons via participating public libraries throughout their state. Libraries can make these ebooks available with no checkouts or returns, and no multi-user limitations. The platform is easy to use and can accommodate any self-published author.

Finally, a simple and effective way to catalog and provide access to ebooks by local authors!

Author & Library Perspective

"Libraries are all about readers and writers connecting. Since so many of my new readers discover my books via their local libraries, it’s vital that all my books, whether traditionally published or self-published, be easily accessible to library patrons. This program helps librarians to better serve readers and authors to grow their audience, creating a perfect synergy of benefit to all book-lovers."

CJ Lyons, Best-Selling Self-Published Author

Author of over 20 Best-Selling Thrillers With Heart—2 million + books sold

"The number one challenge any author has is building an audience. Once they have an audience, they have an opportunity to grow their work professionally. Librarians can be a powerful marketing force for emerging authors, especially if they can promote the books without fear of success. The SELF-e approach to curation combined with simultaneous user-access will encourage books to be discovered and even go viral."

Hugh Howey, Best-Selling Self-Published Author

Author of over 20 Best-Selling Silo and Molly Fyde Series—2 million + books sold

“The Massachusetts Library System is working hard to expand access to ebooks and other digital content. Our partnership with BiblioBoard is an important part of our efforts. With their innovative technologies and principled approach to access, we are able to deliver content that was previously unavailable to us and to expand the audience for local authors and small presses. SELF-e represents another great step in BiblioBoard’s efforts, enabling stronger collaboration among libraries and local authors and furthering libraries contributions to creative expression and economic development.”

Steve Spohn, Statewide ebook Project Director

Massachusetts Library System


For Authors

How does the SELF-e platform work for authors?

SELF-e is a discovery platform designed to expose your ebook(s) to more readers via the public library, locally or nationwide.

Authors whose ebooks are selected by Library Journal for inclusion in our SELF-e modules can use a digital badge promoting their inclusion to potential readers who may choose to purchase a copy of the title and/or to purchase other books by that author via retail channels. Authors whose ebooks are selected by their local libraries for inclusion in their regional collections...

How much does it cost authors to participate in SELF-e?

There is no cost to participate. Distribution via the SELF-e platform is royalty-free.

What do you do with my ebook if it is included in the SELF-e platform?

You give us a non-exclusive license to make your book available to public library patrons via subscribing institutions in the public library market, including subscribing public libraries in your state. Authors and their publishing service providers/future publishers are not restricted in any manner from promoting and selling their ebooks to any market (including the public library market via other vendors).

What if my book isn’t chosen for inclusion in LJ’s SELF-e modules?

Even if your ebook is not selected for Library Journal’s SELF-e modules, you can still opt to include it in a statewide module with other local authors. Library Journal will not curate these modules; rather, the platform provides libraries with an opportunity to highlight the creative output of their state’s self-published authors and to provide their respective communities access to ebooks by local authors.

What do I need to submit to be part of this program?

You will need to agree to the terms of the program (click-through agreement), and then submit digital files for your ebooks in either PDF, ePUB 2 or 3 format. We also ask for some basic metadata to aid in the curation and discovery of your ebook. The submission process is simple and only takes about five minutes to complete.

What happens after I submit? When will I know whether I have been selected by Library Journal or not?

Assuming your ebooks are in the correct format and pass our technical requirements (we will contact you if they don’t), they will then go through a comprehensive curation process at Library Journal. We will take submissions throughout the summer and fall, and the first selections will be made later this year. You will then be notified via email letting you know if your ebook has been selected and in which module it will appear.

How will I know if people are reading my ebook?

Initially, we will provide select authors with usage data via a Beta program, with a goal of building out a transparent system for all authors to see how many people are reading their ebooks and where those people are (probably in mid-2015). We will also work with the general media to spotlight SELF-e’s highest-circulated ebooks. These activities will further promote participating authors and their ebooks to build readership.

For Libraries

How do I start taking submissions from local authors?

Once you sign up for the platform, we will coordinate with you to create a branded online submission form for your library and you can direct interested local authors to that site to submit their ebooks. We will handle all of the follow-up and migration of the material into your statewide module. There is no limit to how many submissions any library can take from local authors.

What is the patron access model for the SELF-e platform? Are there turnaways or wait lists?

No, there are no wait lists or turnaways, and no time limits on checkouts. BiblioBoard is a multi-user access platform, so librarians can recommend their new favorite ebooks to everyone with no fears of penalties in the form of high fees or user limits. Gone are the days when success in library marketing means longer wait lists or rapidly depleted budgets. With BiblioBoard, ebooks are book club friendly and ready for an unlimited number of users to read at any time

How do I subscribe? How much does it cost?

For libraries already using BiblioBoard, there is no additional subscription fee for the SELF-e local author submission system. There is also no additional fee to make all of your state's self-published books available to your patrons with unlimited multi-user access.

As Library Journal-curated modules are published via the SELF-e platform in the near future, you can make purchase decisions on each one separately. A library may choose to subscribe to Romance but not Young Adult, for instance. All of the modules will contain an ample number of books at launch, and will grow each quarter with newly curated self-published ebooks, ensuring your patrons will always have something new and interesting to read.

SELF-e is a book curation and discovery service, and as such is priced to represent curatorial costs rather than traditional ebook licensing. Therefore, the price will be low and within the budget of any library, large or small. We will also offer discounts to libraries that buy all of the modules.

How can I purchase the SELF-e Local Author Submission System and my state’s module?

The submission system for both SELF-e and the statewide module is free with every BiblioBoard subscription, as is the statewide module itself. To get started, contact sales@biblioboard.com or request a BiblioBoard trial here.

What is Library Journal?

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What is BiblioBoard?

BiblioBoard Library is an award-winning platform for libraries to license and deliver digital content—ebooks, articles, documents, audio, video, and images—for unlimited simultaneous user access. More than 125,000 ebooks and millions of pages of archival and historical content are available on BiblioBoard. With stunning native apps for mobile devices, and a beautiful web interface, BiblioBoard is quickly becoming the digital platform of choice for library organizations around the world. License content through us, host your own licensed content, curate your archives, or just deliver access to your state’s self-published works. Whatever you choose, we promise the patron experience will be second to none.