Support educators and engage today's tech-savvy students with an abundance of content for mobile devices that aligns with current curriculum standards.

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Expand Primary Source Collections

With a subscription to BiblioBoard, students and teachers can access tens of thousands of pieces of primary source content such as books, articles, images, maps, ephemera, oral histories, videos and more. Covering a wide range of topics including history, literature, art, geography and science, the content is expertly organized by subject and easy for students to browse as well as search. Teachers' Guides and collections built by teachers specifically to support Common Core learning are also available.

Promote Independent Reading

Research has shown that independent reading has a significant impact on academic success. BiblioBoard, with everything from graphic novels to high-interest stories for low reading levels, is a great resource for independent reading books that will be appropriate for and appeal to students of all ages and abilities. Because BiblioBoard has no multi-user restrictions, every student can have access to a complete library on his or her tablet.

Customize With Multimedia Publishing Tools

A subscription to BiblioBoard includes access to BiblioBoard Creator, the tool used to create digital exhibits for BiblioBoard Library. Creator has been used by school libraries, school teachers and even students to digitally archive the school's history, create customized curriculum materials and showcase group work or senior projects.

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How will BiblioBoard work with my school's Bring Your Own Device program? What about if my school is an iPad® school?

BiblioBoard is available through native apps on the iPad, Kindle Fire HD®, Nexus® tablets and Galaxy Tab® (4.0+), as well as on all web browsers. User accounts, including notes, bookmarks and favorites, are synched across all mobile devices and the web, so it's easy for your students to jump from their device in the classroom to the library's computer to their home computer and so on.

For school-issued devices and 1 to 1 device programs, BiblioBoard can be pre-loaded. Our simple authentication system allows students to provision a device without requiring them (or the school's IT department) to set up an account or provide an email address. The students can save favorites, bookmarks, notes and other personalized account information all year long. Once provisioned, the device works no matter where the student is using BiblioBoard (at home, etc.). Then, at the end of the school year, schools can easily re-provision the device for next year's students to begin the process again. This protects the student and ensures that IT management of devices is simple, easy and effective.


Is the content on BiblioBoard suitable for the classroom?

You can subscribe to whichever content on BiblioBoard suits your school's needs. BiblioBoard offers content for independent reading, research and the classroom. Our Common Core products, including content from the British Library, have Common Core-aligned teachers' guides ideal for schools in states adhering to the new standards. Our historical content is perfect for primary sources for papers, and our citation generator makes this content usable by a wide age range of students. Our children's and young adult content is fantastic for independent reading and can help your library round out its collection without weighing down the shelves.


What if my school does not follow Common Core?

The content itself is flexible to fit into whatever standards your school has adopted. Schools following standards other than Common Core are welcome to use our BiblioBoard Creator tool to incorporate their own teachers' guides. You can also let your sales rep know what standards you'd like to see implemented, and based on demand, BiblioBoard will work to comply.


How can BiblioBoard Creator be used by our school?

Librarians, teachers and even students can all use BiblioBoard Creator. Librarians can archive yearbooks, curate digital bookshelves of suggested reading, or develop research support guides. Teachers can create customized curricula. Groups of students, or individual students at higher grade levels, can do school projects or showcase student talent. Creator is a flexible tool that is easy for everyone to learn and use. To see case studies, click here.


How does pricing work?

Pricing is a sliding scale based on population served. For schools, discounts can be made for district-wide purchases. The basic subscription provides the school with two Modules of starter content (over 20,000 pieces of content) and access to BiblioBoard Creator. From there, you can add on content bundles that meet your library's collection development needs. For specific information about pricing, contact a sales rep.