Give your patrons the world's best mobile library interface with a ReadersFirst-friendly platform with no checkouts or returns, no multi-user limits and single tap reading.

The PatronsFirst™ Mobile Library

Today, there are great apps and platforms for just about everything, but many library products have lagged behind with clunky, confusing user interfaces that frustrate patrons.

Enter: BiblioBoard®, a ReadersFirst friendly mobile library that handles all types of content in a seamless user experience. Books, historical databases, audio and video are all available through one outstanding and simple interface. BiblioBoard continuously upgrades to meet new device operating standards and handles all media types. It just works.

Library as a Publisher

The web and new technologies are changing the way in which scholarship and local history are created and shared. Libraries have always been trusted providers of information services and are now uniquely positioned to extend that role by digitizing and publishing their assets. Built with this in mind, BiblioBoard provides the perfect platform for a smooth transition.

Great Content

In addition to millions of pages of curated historical content from the world's leading cultural institutions, we also have content from leading publishers. Our ever-expanding list includes university press, Spanish language and young adult content, as well as children's books, graphic novels and more from leading publishers. You can even license your own content on your own terms and load that onto BiblioBoard, so you are not wedded to a delivery interface in the way current systems operate.


BiblioBoard Core

Covering a wide range of topics—including Literature, Philosophy, History, Geography and Science—BiblioBoard Core contains over 300 Anthologies (over 10,000 full text e-books and over 20,000 pieces of primary source content) and will grow up to 400 Anthologies by March 2014. To browse all the Anthologies, set up a free trial account today.

British Library

Libraries may also subscribe to content modules created by our partner institutions. Featuring 15 Anthologies and thousands of books from one of the world's premier libraries, the British Library Module will continue to grow over time and offers unparalleled insight into 19th-century life around the globe. Many of the books included in these collections are not available anywhere else online.

Folk and Americana

Like quilters in Appalachia stitching together bits and pieces of the past, BiblioBoard's Folk and Americana module weaves together a dynamic scrapbook of America's unique and often quirky cultural history. Offering Anthologies from some of the world's leading cultural institutions, the module is a robust compendium of archival documents, images and artifacts representing regional flavor and folk traditions in all their dusted-off and fascinating finery.

African American History

The African American experience is far ranging; it includes horrific tragedies, victories over domination and triumphs of the human spirit, all of which have played a role in the creation of today's vibrant African American culture. BiblioBoard's African American History module delivers this unique narrative in a multimedia format, documenting lives and events that have greatly affected the United States.

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Spanish Language History and Literature

The Spanish Language History and Literature module contains a wide variety of Anthologies on various events and people in Spanish history. The module contains unique collections from the Biblioteca Nacional de Colombia and the Ministerio de Educación, Cultura y Deporte. From Anthologies on the Discovery of Latin America and the Spanish Civil War to Simón Bolivar and José María Espínosa, this module is full of historical books, documents, images and more that tell these stories in native Spanish.

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BiblioBoard Access

With your subscription to BiblioBoard, you instantly receive the BiblioBoard Access module at no additional cost. This module contains content from such highly regarded institutions as the National Library of Finland, comingled with rare, valued materials from smaller groups. These forward-thinking organizations are utilizing BiblioBoard's reach to openly share some of their most unique and interesting digital artifacts around the world.

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Bluewater Productions

Expand or cost-effectively jump-start your graphic novel and comic offerings with these award winning titles. 750+ graphic novels ranging from conventional superheroes to contemporary political figures, musicians, science fiction characters and much more!

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Children's Books

Award-winning stories, tales and learning books tailored for young readers, from a range of independent publishers. Discover hundreds of digital children’s books perfect for learning, bedtime and fun.

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Archives of the World

Kickstart your digital discovery and learning options with this diverse array of resources curated by innovative archivists from around the world. Rare books and photographs, 35 mm reels, 45 rpm records, parchment and papers, daguerreotypes and instant film—all digitized and placed in the palm of your patrons’ hands.

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Classic Comics

Before Superman, Batman and Captain America, these were the epitome of American comics. Get lost in the best issues of the comic Golden Age, salvaged and digitally preserved for today’s readers. 850+ classic comics, organized into 10 action-packed collections from the ‘30s, ‘40s and ‘50s.

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Indie Comics

Indie publishing's Golden Age and unprecedented patron demand for comics and graphic novels meet on BiblioBoard. Uncover an eclectic mix of mystery, supernatural, historical, superhero, children’s and other comics from a wide range of publishers. Discover hundreds of comics and graphic novels from a wide range of genres, styles and publishers.

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Xist Publishing

Allow your patrons to take story time anywhere with this lovable library of children’s eBooks. 150+ educational eBooks on animals, transportation, science and much more that parents and kids alike will love.

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The National Archives

Study and commemorate the 100th anniversary of the first outbreak of total war with content directly from the official archives of the Allies’ leading power. 400+ manuscripts, soldiers’ letters, service records, trench maps, old photographs and more, made instantly accessible.

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Ultimate History Project

Enhance your history collections with this unique and delightful content, made easily accessible with modern and witty commentary. 10 wildly varied collections, curated by academic scholars and covering crime sprees, fun and games, hurricanes, military maneuvers, the flush toilet and everything in between.

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