Give your patrons the world's best mobile library interface with a ReadersFirst-friendly platform with no checkouts or returns, no multi-user limits and single tap reading.

The PatronsFirst™ Mobile Library

Today, there are great apps and platforms for just about everything, but many library products have lagged behind with clunky, confusing user interfaces that frustrate patrons.

Enter: BiblioBoard®, a ReadersFirst friendly mobile library that handles all types of content in a seamless user experience. Books, historical databases, audio and video are all available through one outstanding and simple interface. BiblioBoard continuously upgrades to meet new device operating standards and handles all media types. It just works.

Library as a Publisher

The web and new technologies are changing the way in which scholarship and local history are created and shared. Libraries have always been trusted providers of information services and are now uniquely positioned to extend that role by digitizing and publishing their assets. Built with this in mind, BiblioBoard provides the perfect platform for a smooth transition.

Great Content

In addition to millions of pages of curated historical content from the world's leading cultural institutions, we also have content from leading publishers. Our ever-expanding list includes university press, Spanish language and young adult content, as well as children's books, graphic novels and more from leading publishers. You can even license your own content on your own terms and load that onto BiblioBoard, so you are not wedded to a delivery interface in the way current systems operate.

BiblioBoard Catalogs

BiblioBoard’s cutting-edge platform is complemented by the highly desirable content libraries can purchase as subscriptions. Our BiblioBoard Catalogs make it easy for librarians to choose what content to make available to their patrons with detailed facts and editorial insight. Discover digital books, articles, documents, audio and video your patrons can access with no multi-user limits, checkouts, waitlists or returns.