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BiblioBoard® Creator is the best archive and special collections publishing tool ever created. Libraries, archives, professors and historians can publish all types of media to the web and elegant native tablet apps simply and easily.

Increased Access Options

We give you world-class distribution to your own constituents and community while adding the ability to create cost-recovery by distributing to thousands of public, academic and K-12 libraries across the world. In a time of budget strains, this cost-recovery stream recognizes that delivering digital content in a compelling way and continuing to adapt to the quickly changing mobile market has real costs. For more traditional universal Open Access options, we can work to meet your needs.

Native Tablet Apps

Using BiblioBoard is the easiest and most cost-effective way to have your own native apps without developers or development cost. In just hours, your archives can be available via the web, iPad®, Nexus®, Kindle® and Galaxy®. Pretending that a web browser on a tablet does as good a job as a native app is not a long-term strategy. Partnering with an award-winning technology company to create a world-class app presentation is a smart alternative.

Cost-Effective Future-Proofing

The pace of change in the web and mobile interface world is breakneck and getting faster all the time. We do the hard work of adapting to the ever-changing mobile interface requirements for various devices and operating systems. We future-proof the presentation of your content and ensure it will look great into the future. Your team can focus on content, while we focus on technology.

Case Studies

Read how other Archives, Museums, Libraries, Professors and Historians are using BiblioBoard.

British Library

The British Library sought a way to provide context for patrons on a large corpus of digitized primary source materials. They wanted to provide global access to their 19th Century collection. Focus then shifted to making that success sustainable by creating smaller thematic collections using BiblioBoard Creator.


San Diego Air & Space Museum


David Ensminger - Historian

David Ensminger is a professor and author published by the University of Texas Press, University Press of Mississippi and PM Press. Standard books did not provide the right container, hands-on involvement and archival breadth for the kind of storytelling in which he wished to engage. BiblioBoard Creator ensured a vibrant, high quality and modern interface on the iPad®.


Southern Food and Beverage Museum

The Southern Food and Beverage Museum is a nonprofit living history organization dedicated to the discovery, understanding and celebration of the food, drink and related culture of the South. The organization has a small but excellent collection of digital assets and an ongoing desire to digitize more of their collection. The Museum lacked a development budget to be able to tell their story on the iPad and other devices. They wanted a way to reach more people with their content and mission.


Louisiana State Museum

The Louisiana State Museum holds a great collection of visual and audio assets. With bigger goals of wanting to be on the iPad and other tablets, they needed an inexpensive and easy solution to their problems. The museum had limited financial resources and a short-staff to handle their multimedia development projects. Ultimately, they wanted to create niche-specialized Anthologies around particular media types that they could share globally.


Dr. Clayborne Carson

Dr. Clayborne Carson has dedicated much of his life to realizing the ideals of the late Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. Much of Carson's research was gathered first-hand as a result of his participation in the freedom struggles grassroots efforts in the 1960s. In order to disseminate King's ideas online to a global audience, Carson sought a platform to share a wealth of historical sources and artifacts collected over a lifetime of activism and scholarship.


National Library of Colombia

The National Library of Colombia was instructed by the government to create an iPad Application for a special event. With very little time and no budget, they needed to create a scalable, elegant product to meet expectations of stakeholders.


Dr. Kristin Taavola - University of Denver

Dr. Kristin Taavola of the University of Denver is an international leader in music education. She wanted to create an affordable, digital textbook alternative to a print textbook that costs $200. Dr. Taavola had digital content, but lacked the developmental resources for a digital product.


Dr. Joe Kelly - College of Charleston

Joe Kelly, Ph.D. is a Professor of Irish Literature at the College of Charleston. He culled rare primary source multi-media materials for a seminar and wanted them to be available to the college as well as others around the world. Although Kelly had enough content and wisdom to put towards an Anthology, making it available to the College was another challenge.


The Halsey Institute

The Halsey Institute of Contemporary Art is administered by the School of the Arts at the College of Charleston. They exist to advocate, exhibit and interpret visual art, with an emphasis on contemporary art. The Halsey worried that they did not have the time or resources to create rich mobile apps for all devices. But, they understood the importance of reaching tablet users and the benefits of getting their content into libraries.


Dr. Jon-Christian Suggs

Dr. Jon-Christian Suggs is professor emeritus in the Ph.D. program in English at the City University of New York (CUNY) and professor emeritus and chair emeritus of the English Department at John Jay College of CUNY. He found that many texts by early African American novelists had been "lost." Published before the 20th century Civil Rights movement, these works had been largely overlooked and were unavailable to students or to the general public. Suggs hoped to find a digital platform that could support the presentation of these novels and distribute them to a wider audience.


Australian Historic Shipwreck Preservation Project

The goal of the Australian Historic Shipwreck Preservation Project is to research and develop protocols for the rapid excavation, detailed recording and subsequent in-situ preservation of significant shipwrecks off the Australian coast.


Purdue / Charleston Conference

The Charleston Conference began as a small gathering of librarians, but has blossomed into a respected annual forum and workshop with over 1,500 participants. Still, the conference lacked an avenue for attendees to re-engage with the proceedings content on the web and mobile devices.


The Ultimate History Project

The Ultimate History Project promotes high-quality, cutting-edge historical scholarship. They were looking to add a new source of revenue for their freelance contributors.


Wake Forest University

Wake Forest University's Z. Smith Reynolds Library houses vast historical collections in its Archives, and researchers routinely make use of these on-campus resources by taking a first-hand look at the rare and semi-precious materials.


National Library of Finland

The National Library of Finland had just digitized a lovely collection of travel ephemera from the early 20th century. The Library wanted to try a new approach in making content available to the public.


Turner Free Library

The Turner Free Library, in Randolph, Massachusetts, was one of the first public libraries in the state. Today, the library is a vibrant community center, offering programs for all ages, large movie and music collections, a new teen area and a dynamic children's room.


Benjamin Timpson

Benjamin Timpson is an MFA student at the University of Indiana and a popular contemporary artist. Although he is a classically trained painter, Timpson made a splash by creating art from found objects, such as flower petals, bug legs and human hair.


Czech Academy of Sciences

The Department of Gender & Sociology was established at the Czech Academy of Sciences in Prague at the beginning of the 1990s. Since then, the members have been dynamically developing the field of Gender Studies and Feminist theory—an area not previously researched in the Czech Republic. Professors in the department wanted to share their work with the general public, using new media and a mobile app.


Randolph, MA: Town Reports

The Turner Free Library, in Randolph, Massachusetts, was one of the first public libraries in the state. Today, the library is a vibrant community center, offering programs for all ages, large movie and music collections, a new teen area and a dynamic children’s room.